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Follow this definitive guide for buying office chairs!

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Shopping for office chairs can be tricky. You cannot get a different model for every other employee, and at the same time, the selected options should fit the budget. In this simplified guide, we will talk about the things that matter in choosing office chairs.

Five important pointers

  1. First things first, always select a chair with adequate lumbar support. When we sit in a chair, our lower back tends to arch/curve naturally, and chairs with lumbar support offer extra cushioning for the lower back. High end models usually have adjustable lumbar support.
  2. The next thing you need to check is the choice and extent of height and arm adjustment. The height of the chair should be at least 22” on the maximum side to accommodate someone with height of 6’4”. As for armrest adjustment, it depends on the price and design of the model.
  3. The third aspect is related to material of the chair. The backrest and fabric of the seat should be comfortable for all seasons. Some chairs can have a reclining backrest, while others have wider seats.
  4. Do consider the need for special chairs for carpeted floors. While office chairs usually have wheels, you wouldn’t want to damage the carpets underneath. A swivel base is always handy, because you can move around and access other parts of the desk easily.
  5. Seat depth is also important. Don’t pick a chair with extensive seat depth, because the user would have to lean forward, and therefore, there can be issues with back support. A decent office chair should fit half of your legs, just four inches short of the knee.

Tips on buying

If you are looking for cheaper prices and better discounts, check for office chairs from 123ink.ca and other reliable websites. While you cannot try chairs on online stores, you can seek a replacement or return, as required. It is always better to spend more on a better chair that comes with a warranty, because office furniture isn’t replaced every year. Durability and comfort are two aspects that you need to bear in mind, because a bunch of different people would be using the chair at different points of time.

Lastly, consider your budget. Office chairs that have more adjustable features tend to be expensive, and therefore, it makes sense to forgo one feature for another, depending on what you would like the most. Check online for options now!

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